CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

For those who enjoy a sugar free option, we offer our Bee Life CBD Tincture. We keep it simple with organic MCT oil derived from coconuts and 99.89 percent pure isolated hemp extract. Unflavored and ready to be added to any food or beverage of choice without compromising flavor. Unlike other tinctures or CBD oil that have an earthy taste, ours is plain tasting like MCT Oil. For maximum absorption and bioavailability of your CBD, leave it under the tongue for as long as possible before swallowing. 

 Adding a small amount to your morning coffee can provide energy and focus without jitters.

CBD Tincture Benefits:

  • Can be taken sublingually for more bioavailability and absorption. 
  • Keto friendly with no added sugar.
  • No artificial additives or flavors so it can be added to any food or beverage without affecting the taste. 
  • Portable 1 oz bottle.
  • Options for pets and their humans.

Paw CBD Tincture

Safe for dogs and cats. Dogs are very sensitive to THC. They have so many receptors in their brains that even trace amounts can cause unpredictable behavior or reactions. Our product is THC free and safe for your pet. Lab results are below each product so you can be confident our products are safe and fit with your healthy lifestyle. Some dogs don't enjoy CBD dog treats, so this is an easy option to add to their kibble or be given directly. 

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