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Handcrafted Arnica and CBD Bee Balm is a bright and healing experience for the skin. Arnica is known to help ease bruising and pain effectively on it’s own. We combined CBD, lemon and tea tree essential oils to enhance this experience. 1000 mg of CBD. organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, arnica/grapeseed oil.

For external use only. Warm in hands and apply every two to four hours as needed.

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Melt away any external discomfort with this balm. A little goes a long way for relief in minutes that lasts for hours.

1 review for Arnica Bee Balm

  1. webadmin

    I had to have C 5-6 replaced in my neck. They told me they would enter from the front of my neck to do the surgery. All the things they didn’t tell me wouldn’t have changed my mind on having surgery. This surgery was a must for me and I am glad I had this arnica balm to help me get through the rough recovery. They don’t refill pain meds after surgery but that doesn’t mean the pain stops.  When a wound heals there is always itching that follows. But with this surgery I had many more symptoms.

    I am allergic to latex so they used a special adhesive bandage. My skin was very inflamed. In the first week I had to keep the wound bandaged and was not able to put anything on it, in fear it would become infected. As soon as my wound was closed and the steristrips removed I immediately started putting Bumble B Well’s Arnica Bee Balm all over my neck. Not only did it help clear the redness and inflammation but it soothed my dry skin and calmed the itching. I stopped using the balm for a few days to see if it was working and I started feeling sharp shooting pains coming from my wound. The doctor said that pain was from my nerves reattaching. Immediately after I started using the Arnica Bee Balm again the pain went away. It has been 3 months and the Arnica Bee Balm continues to soothe my itchy skin and heal my wound.  

    I also had tension headaches from the surgery. The doctor said to have someone massage my shoulders. The massage lightened my headache slightly but when I was massaged with the Arnica Bee Balm my headaches went away almost instantly. 

    Shortly before my surgery I spoke to another doctor about my knee pain and joint pain. I was told I have tendinitis and arthritis. Because it worked so well on my neck I started using the Arnica Bee Balm on all my other aches and pains and it works!! It calms the inflammation and helps with the aches and pains.

    Thank you Bumble B Well for helping me get through my journey. I love this product and highly recommend it.

    – Anonymous

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