Bumble B. Well was founded on the principle of wellness of the mind and body in 2017. Creating handcrafted, organic, plant powered offerings that are exceptional at bringing you much needed relief. We pride ourselves in growing our own ingredients and producing powerful herbal oils to elevate the efficacy of our products. There are so many other beneficial botanicals that are good for our bodies and enhance the effect of CBD. Keeping our ingredients clean and simple is our secret to amazing products. Shop and elevate your wellness routine. 

Our five start rated topicals provide targeted relief in minutes that lasts for hours.

You won't find any artificial colors or additives in our products. Only organic raw honey, organic botanicals and certified organic, non-GMO isolated hemp extract from OR. All of our handcrafted products are THC free, made with your optimal health in mind. We specialize in exceptional health and wellness products made with organic botanicals and love.

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Consistency is key when taking your CBD. 

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