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Our Story

About three years ago I heard about CBD (Cannabidiol) from a friend in OR. He had some CBD infused honey. I absolutely LOVE honey and had to try it. The first thing I noticed was a nice lift in energy and focus. Then the magic happened. A feeling of well being I can’t quite explain. With a daily routine, things started regulating and improving like sleep, mood and appetite control.

From that day forward I knew this was an experience that had to be shared with everyone. A naturally sweet delivery surprisingly makes hemp taste great.

Blackberry CBD Honey Photo

Exceptional craft honey.

Providing quality ingredients locally sourced. Supporting farmers in WA, OR and CA..

Delicious taste.

CBD Dandelion Balm

Dandelion CBD Balm

Similarly to beeswax, dandelion is very nourishing to the skin.

Powered by dandelions, hemp and honeybees.

Sunshine never felt so good.