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Our Story

About three years ago we heard about CBD (Cannabidiol) from a hemp farming friend in Oregon. After some research we decided to try some. The first thing we noticed was a nice lift in energy and focus but we still didn’t like the taste of tinctures or regular hemp flower. Then the magic happened. After a little trial and error we came up with our CBD Honey that combines the best of both worlds.

From that day forward we knew this was an experience that had to be shared with everyone. A naturally sweet delivery surprisingly makes hemp taste great.

Blackberry CBD Honey Photo

Exceptional craft CBD honey

Providing quality ingredients locally sourced. Our honey supports independent small farmers in Washington, Oregon and California.

Naturally delicious taste in four flavors.

CBD Dandelion Balm

Dandelion CBD Balm

Similarly to beeswax, dandelion is very nourishing to the skin. Our dandelion CBD balm is handcrafted in small batches to ensure effective, quality products.

The benefits of dandelions for humans can be met in a few ways. From salads to topical balms, this herbaceous perennial has healing power.

Powered by dandelions, hemp and honeybees.

Sunshine never felt so good.