CBD Edibles

Our CBD honey, gummies and tinctures are easy and delicious ways to include CBD in your daily routine.

Exceptional Craft CBD Honey




What makes ours the BEST CBD honey? Our four delicious flavors and proprietary formula. Providing quality ingredients locally sourced. Our CBD honey supports independent small farmers in Washington, Oregon and California. Naturally delicious taste in four unique flavors like Meadowfoam which is native to OR. You won't find any additives in our products, only raw honey and isolated hemp extract from a certified organic farm in OR. Hemp and honey are the perfect combination to combat inflammation and help you relax.


Blackberry -Is the Pacific Northwest favorite and the flavor we started with in 2017. The blossom variety of sweet berry bliss from Willamette Valley, OR.

Meadowfoam - This decadent honey landed on the cover of Marijuana Venture’s CBD issue in May 2020. Tastes like vanilla and toasted marshmallow MAGIC. Limnanthes flower AKA Meadowfoam grows along the waterways in S. Oregon. This honey is special as it is native to Oregon. A Pacific Northwest Original.

Star Thistle - Rare & the # 1 sought after honey in the US. Hints of almond, anise, cinnamon and plum. It has a gentle sweet finish you must experience.

Wildflower - Our best-selling flavor of 2021. Smells like a Pacific Northwest meadow. A delightful dark floral with citrus notes from Washington.

Highlights of CBD Honey include:



CBD AM, PM & CBN Fruit Chews       


Benefits of Bumble B. Well Fruit Chews:

A great morning pick me up without the caffeine. Our CBD AM Fruit Chews are a quick and easy way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. Available in 10 or 30 count sizes to fit your needs.

Need a little help turning off your mind and falling asleep? CBD & Melatonin PM Fruit Chews are just what you need. A good night's sleep makes everything better.

CBN is a relaxing and sedative cannabinoid that will help you relax and stay asleep.

Try all three with our mix and match 10 packs. 

CBD Tinctures

For those who enjoy a sugar free option, we offer our Bee Life CBD Tincture. We keep it simple with organic MCT oil derived from coconuts and 99.89& pure isolated hemp extract. Unflavored and ready to be added to any food or beverage of choice without compromising flavor. 

CBD Tincture Benefits:

Paw CBD Tincture

Safe for dogs and cats. Dogs are very sensitive to THC. They have so many receptors in their brains that even trace amounts can cause unpredictable behavior or reactions. Our product is THC free and safe for your pet. Lab results are below each product so you can be confident our products are safe and fit with your healthy lifestyle. Some dogs don't enjoy CBD dog treats, so this is an easy option to add to their kibble or be given directly.