CBD for Pets

Adding CBD to your pet's daily routine can give them a better quality of life. CBD provides safe and natural pain relief for your pet. For anxious times like a visit to the vet or separation from you, we recommend our CBD PAW Tincture. It is plain tasting since it is unflavored which makes it really easy to add to any food without compromising taste. No odor or flavor to help your pet incorporate CBD into their routine with ease. Made with 99.89% pure isolated hemp extract, organic MCT oil derived from coconuts and no THC. MCT Oil is safe and also good for your pet.

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Meet the face and inspiration behind our pet CBD products, Fiona.      fiona-superhero-200px.png

16-year-old Fiona suffers from allergies. She gets a dry cracked nose and paws from constantly licking and rubbing her eyes. Applying the balm daily helps her stay comfortable and heals her dry paws and nose well. Made with safe organic ingredients and no added fragrance. She enjoys a nice paw massage after bath time. We just know your furry friend will too! Fiona will not eat any CBD dog treat. She takes her CBD Paw Tincture daily for joint pain and discomfort. The tincture is easily added to her food. If your pet is also finicky, the tincture is a great solution. 

Please consult with your pet's veterinarian about any medical conditions or any medications before giving your pet our CBD Paw Tincture. Fiona takes medicine for her thyroid with CBD and our veterinarian is okay with it. We space them eight hours apart. Reach out if you have any questions via phone or email. We're here to help your pet live their best life happy and healthy. 

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