Our Story



Self-care is essential to one’s wellness journey. Discovering how it has improved the quality of life for so many, we feel CBD should be part of that journey. Sharing the benefits of CBD is why we love what we do. Exceptional CBD products, creating buzzworthy results.

In 2017, we heard about Cannabidiol (CBD) from a hemp farmer in Oregon. After trying a few products, we enjoyed the nice lift in energy and focus provided by the CBD. However, wanted a healthier alternative to consuming hemp flower or artificial flavor additives. This motivated us to create our all-natural CBD honey, making hemp taste great.

From that day forward we knew this experience had to be shared with everyone. Handcrafted and organic is how we have grown our product line to include CBD skincare, tinctures and more. Proudly growing our own flowers to produce powerful herbal oils for natural healing. 

Only the finest ingredients are included in our products.

Our Mission

We believe in soothing our minds and bodies with gifts provided by mother nature. Our mission is to help you feel better with safe, natural, consistent products you can trust. Everyone can enjoy natural relief without bothersome side effects and dependency issues. A client for life is what we strive for by providing exceptional products, education and information about the benefits of CBD.

Our Promise


Anyone who thinks they’re too small to make a difference, has never met the honeybee.

We may be small, but we have big standards…

  • All of our products are handcrafted in small batches for consistent powerful relief.
  • We comply with all food safety requirements and regulations.
  • Our industrial hemp comes from a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) & ISO 9001:2015 certified CBD manufacturer.
  • Non-GMO, Certified Organic hemp grown in OR.
  • We independently test bulk materials from our supplier to confirm our hemp extract is free of pesticides, mold and solvents.
  • Lab tested products for potency.

We have some of the best CBD honey, CBD gummies and topicals on the market and we've served our community since 2017. With client feedback we will continue to improve and exceed your expectations. Your health and wellness are our top priority. Client support for your questions and concerns available at service@bumblebwell.com.

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