Bumble B. Well started with CBD Honey back in 2017. What makes ours the BEST CBD honey? Our proprietary formula that tastes amazing and is highly effective in bringing you balance and relief. Our unique and delicious flavors show you just how versatile raw, natural honey can be with flavors like Meadowfoam and Star Thistle. Meadowfoam is native to OR and tastes like vanilla toasted marshmallow MAGIC! Start Thistle is rare and the number one sought after honey in the US.

We've expanded our product line to include a variety of ways to include CBD in your healthy lifestyle. CBD Topicals like our Bee Balms and CBD Bath Salts are a great option for localized relief or a relaxing full body experience. CBD Tinctures are perfect for the sugar free or keto friendly. Our CBD gummies are convenient, vegan and gluten free.

You won't find any artificial colors or additives in our products. Only organic raw honey, healing botanicals and certified organic, non GMO isolated hemp extract. All of our handcrafted products are THC free, made with your optimal health in mind. We specialize in exceptional health and wellness products made with botanicals and love.

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